Damage mitigation activities that are approved are as follows:


On the inside of your home:
– Repair the cracks in your interior walls.
– Repair cracks in brick fireplace walls.
– Fix any nails protruding out of your sheetrock.
– Windows and doors that don’t fit squarely without binding.

On the outside of your home:
– Repair cracks in mortar joints in the brick veneer.
– Repair caulked joints that are pulling apart.
– Repair cracks in exposed concrete at the base of the house.
– Repair roof leaks.
– Correct leaning homes

In addition, we also offer the following services:
- Installing window protection
- Installing hurricane straps/clips
- Bolting walls to foundation
- Strengthening doors
- Hurricane shutter installations
- Anchoring propane tank/heating fuel tank
- Elevating electrical panel, HVAC unit, washer/dryer, furnace, water heater

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